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Tired of being the slow guy out of all your fellow racers? If only you had the time to learn the mechanics of setting up a race car specifically for you. Virtual Race Car Engineer does just that, with 20+ years of knowledge and actual experience both in the real-world and virtual racing, Virtual Race Car Engineer is proven to give you exact advice on what you should alter in your race-car setup to tailor it to you. 

Virtual Race Car Engineer can be used with any realistic auto racing software that allows the users to adjust the car setup. For best use, Virtual Race Car Engineer should be running on a second monitor or laptop (or Windows tablet). Check with Virtual Race Car Engineer during your test and tune sessions. With each run on the Virtual Race Car Engineer you describe a condition specific to your own lap settings and results, and receive the recommendations and explanations to address that very situation. Over time and use you will come to understand the effect of chassis changes as they've related directly to your own experiences, and with that knowledge become the master of your own setup.

What's new in VRCE2018

  • All new program, written from scratch in an all new language (Unity and C#), effectively eliminating the problems with Antivirus software and and Windows security settings from previous versions.
  • Code is much more refined, to the point of a 90% less CPU draw. You will no longer lose FPS while driving with VRCE running in the background.
  • More advice given and more driver feedback options to choose from
  • Added advice for trackbar*, wedge*, differential, and third spring (* Oval only)
  • All new user interface for easy use with a Windows tablet (Android and iOS coming in 2018).
  • Touch screen capable.
  • Removed the car, track, and setup saving to streamline the program so users can get straight to the on-track testing

Lap Wizard
Enter the car settings and results from a test run, report your handling impression, and the Lap Wizard recommends setup options and changes to cure your condition. The algorithms were developed in collaboration with car chiefs and engineers of 20+ years practical experience, and take into account details as specific as underused or overused tires, sub-optimal settings, and the interaction of different chassis changes.

Corner Wizard
A "quick tip" tool for sussing out the possible setup changes to correct a variety of handling conditions on a given corner. 

Become the master
Not only will you go faster in the garage and faster on the track today, but ultimately become a master of your own setup without even realizing it.

Published Oct 12, 2017
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish; Castilian, Italian, Portuguese
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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